"As I lay dying" Fraterhaus​/​Midwich Youth Club - Shortwave recording 1980.

by Pages from Ceefax

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The tape was recorded, from shortwave radio, in 1980 and is simply labelled Fraterhaus/Midwich Youth Club presents "As I lay Dying" - which is a 30 min ambient/ electronic spoken word collage of analog drums/synths and treated guitar. After some considerable investigation we found that both bands exist now but didn't in 1980

We have sent copies of the tape to both bands and it appears that the two bands have only just started planning this project, nothing recorded yet, and agreed that stylisticall/sonically it is them and are completely mystified how this idea, at such a foetal stage, has appeared on a tape from 1980 fully formed, albeit immersed in radio static, sine wave interference and channel bleed from other broadcast's/numbers stations.

two possibilities are that the recording might have entered the time zone of 1980 through solar flare interference (which is known to affect radio transmissions) or psychic projection but we have no idea yet why it is these musician's/bands featured........




released February 7, 2016

Allan Murphy
Declan Drohan
John Daly



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